Our offer
PLC programming
Creating of HMI SCADA

Commissioning of production lines

Post-commissioning standby service
Virtual commissioning
Knowledge of automotive programming standards

PLC programming

We provide comprehensive services in PLC programming. Thanks to participation in an international scale projects and continuous improvement, we can ensure the Clients with our professional knowledge in automation using innovative and reliable solutions.

Design of SCADA systems:

  • - WinCC / WinCC flexible
  • - ZenOn
  • - FIX32 / iFIX
  • - InTouch
  • - Other visualization systems (indicated by clien) using databases, e.g. MS Access, MS SQL, Oracle

Commissioning of production lines

We offer our clients commissioning of lines with integration of HMI SCADA on entire automated production lines.

Post-commissioning standby service

We provide technical support for maintenance after the production launch and we organize training in applied solutions.

Virtual commissioning

We implement new industrial solutions by coupling PLC with virtual industrial environment. Virtual commissioning provides the opportunity to test and improve provided industrial solutions without the need to stop the production line, which helps to reduce significantly the costs of the implementation.

Knowledge of automotive programming standards

We gathered an extensive programming experience within the automotive industry:
  • - Volkswagen/AUDI VASS
  • - BMW L7 / LU
  • - Opel Global / Global-2
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